DIG (Digital Information Gateway) is an initiative to sustainably publish and provide access to data associated with archaeological publications from the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press. We aim to share digital publications with embedded data in an effort to expand data practices within the cross disciplinary field of archaeology.


DIG Initiative

Academic publishing is fundamental to scholarly communication in the humanities. Technological advances in the collection and analysis of digital data have opened the possibility of publishing not only the narratives or interpretations, but also the information that underlies these texts. Rather than making this information available as an appendix or within printed tables, the publication of data in sharable form becomes increasingly important. Access to research data is especially significant within archaeology, a research community that deals with often irreplaceable datasets and continuing threats to records and sources. An increasing interest within this community to preserve and share these datasets has produced a variety of initiatives and digital repositories. This project aims to build on these endeavors so that the emerging preservation practices are incorporated into the existing scholarly publication framework.

For more information about other digital initiatives by the CIoA Press, visit the Cotsen Digital Archive.


Archaeological research is strengthened by the ability to reuse and incorporate data into subsequent studies. DIG aims to facilitate this process by providing access to data in their native format, directly associated with the interpretive publications. 

To download an individual data record find the Download option at the bottom of each record or navigate to the DIG Dataverse to download the dataset (link found within the recommended citation for each record).

We are currently working to add the option to query or select multiple records for download at a time. Sign up for the CIoA Press mailing list here to be notified when this functionality is available. 



All data submissions start with submitting a manuscript proposal, include information on the type and scope of data within this proposal. Contact us for more details at data@dig.ucla.edu.

More information about publishing with the CIoA Press can be found here.

DIG is funded by the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology with generous support from the UCLA Digital Library and UCLA Library Data Science Center